Some N.Carolina Towns Use Unconventional Ways To Provide Public Meeting Access

Nowadays live streaming video may be the norm, but some towns provide CD recordings and live transcriptions
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CHARLOTTE, NC– When it comes to providing citizens up to date information on the happenings of local government bodies, some town halls are getting inventive.

Besides posting meeting agendas and minutes on a local municipality’s website, a typical additional service would be a live video stream via a public access cable channel or government website. However, as reported by The Charlotte Observer, some towns located in North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County use only live transcription or recorded audio.

The town of Cornelius provides live transcriptions of its public meetings on its website and the towns of Mint Hill and Pineville provide recordings of its meetings via a CD, but only upon request. Taking it one step further, the town of Matthews video records its meetings and later posts the recording to its website.

Check The Charlotte Observer’s story here.


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