Snell Adds New Timeline Feature to its Video Restoration System

Adds scene-by-scene restoration control to the company’s real-time film and video restoration system.
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Snell, a digital media technology developer, unveils a new timeline controller feature that adds scene-by-scene restoration control to the company’s real-time film and video restoration system, Archangel Ph.C – HD, the company says in a written statement.

The new timeline controller enhances Archangel Ph.C – HD’s processing capabilities by allowing users to apply processing in real time on a scene-by-scene basis rather than to all parts of the sequence equally, Snell says.

The new timeline controller also allows operators to change filter parameters on the fly rather than at breaks in processing. As a result, restoration teams working with Archangel Ph.C – HD get superb quality results in real time and spend less time on the overall restoration process, Snell says.

“Using the timeline controller for Archangel Ph.C – HD, operators can selectively increase or decrease the amount of processing applied to the content, depending on the defects present in each scene, and thereby achieve faster end-to-end restoration and a better-quality outcome with fewer processing artifacts,” said Paola Hobson, Snell’s product manager for conversion and restoration. “This unique capability brings substantial improvements to workflow efficiency and makes a real impact on a facility's bottom line,” he said.

Archangel Ph.C – HD is the only real-time restoration solution on the market to offer timeline control for the entire gamut of film and video defects. The new feature enables scene-by-scene user-controlled restoration processing that yields a more streamlined workflow for removal of dirt, dust, noise, grain, scratch, flicker, instability, and dropout. The resulting savings in time and labor are significant enough that media and broadcast companies, content owners, and post-production houses can undertake projects that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive, the company says.

The timeline controller complements the Archangel Ph.C – HD toolset and adds value across a variety of restoration applications. Film and TV program producers seeking to integrate archive material into their new HD productions can use Archangel Ph.C – HD to remove defects in the archive content rapidly, which means that even poor-quality archive sources can be integrated smoothly into new productions, Snell says. Broadcasters and content owners wishing to reuse existing content assets in new HD services and Blu-ray distribution use Archangel Ph.C – HD to eliminate defects in the content and ensure effective monetization of existing content in the HD market.