SENSIO Acquires Algolith’s Video-Processing Portfolio

Portfolio contains four patents and nine patents pending, as well as image-processing technologies, source code and know-how.
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SENSIO Technologies Inc. has acquired Algolith’s video-processing internet protocol (IP) portfolio, consisting mainly of four patents and nine patents pending, as well as Algolith’s image-processing technologies, source code, and know-how, SENSIO says in a written statement.

SENSIO says by acquiring Algolith’s 100 percent compatible and complementary technologies, it can boost the development of current and future projects, and extend its range of solutions for 3D delivery. The transaction includes Algolith’s assets and expenses, its technologies and key personnel, who provide expertise in the field of image and video processing, as well as in-depth knowledge of the purchased IP.

Algolith’s portfolio provides immediate opportunities for SENSIO, according to the company. “Combining Algolith’s video-format-conversion and noise-reduction technologies with SENSIO 3D will uniquely position us to service the broadcast market as well,” said Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO’s president and CEO. “Other key technologies will come into play further down the line, enhancing our state-of-the-art offering to all markets,” he added.

“Algolith’s noise-reduction and compression-artefact-reduction algorithms are among the best in the industry,” said Étienne Fortin, SENSIO’s chief technology officer. “With the advent of connected TVs, noisy low-bit-rate video will be widespread, and we foresee a high demand for this capability from our current customers in the consumer electronics market.”