Senator-Elect Scott Brown Knows the Value of Public Access Cable

 In the campaign, he showed the importance of staying in touch with constituents.
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Everyone's talking about how the Tuesday election of Scott Brown might affect the health care debate. And a lot of people know he's done some professional modeling.

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Scott Brown on the set of "The Beacon Hill Report" But folks outside of his Massachusetts State Senate district may not know that he hosts his own cable show, "The Beacon Hill Report," appearing on local cable access networks, according to his Website.

On the site, Brown invites constituents to ask questions by e-mail, and he answers them on the program.

The telecom policy blog WetMachine explains the significance of this with its usual insight:

It shall be interesting to see if this has any impact on his approach to cable issues, although I suspect he is unlikely to get on a committee where this would matter.

Somewhat more seriously, it underscores the importance of staying in touch with your constituents, and the importance of PEG regardless of political allegiance. Brown won, among other reasons, because he actually went out and campaigned. This also wasn't some clever act of pretending to stay in touch with constituents. Looking at his record here, he has been doing local cable show for years, and doing local events.

If one truth is emerging from the spate of special elections from NY-29 to last night's MA race, it is that politicians cannot phone in their campaigns and expect the party affiliation (either their own or their opponent's) to carry the day. Ya gotta work it. So the next time local cable access programmer asks for an interview, don't snort “Wayne's World, right” and blow them off. Take a lesson from Scott Brown — commitment to local media matters.

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