SBInet Breaks Ground in Michigan

The Northern Border Project in the Detroit Sector will include 11 Remote Video Surveillance Sites. 
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The U.S. Border Patrol began work Wednesday on one of 11 Remote Video Surveillance Sites in the Detroit Sector, part of Customs and Border Protection’s SBInet (the technical component of the Secure Border Initiative) to enhance border security.

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Groundbreaking for a Remote Video Surveillance System in the Detroit Sector (CBP photo)

The Northern Border Project in the Detroit Sector will include 11 RVSS sites (not eight as previously announced), including nine camera towers and two cameras on existing structures. The Detroit Sector project began in August with installation of a camera system on top of the Port Huron (Mich.) city building followed by Wednesday’s groundbreaking of a RVSS tower next to the old Marysville Border Patrol Station on River Road in Marysville, Mich.

“The Northern Border Project technology deployment will improve our situational awareness, decrease response time and allow our agents to more effectively identify and resolve illegal cross border incursions,” said Detroit Sector Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agent Randy Gallegos.

Each RVSS tower is comprised of a total of four cameras—two day and two night cameras. The Northern Border Project will deploy technology along the St. Clair River, from Lake Huron to Lake St. Clair covering approximately 37 miles of a mix of rural, residential, commercial and riverine environments (not 35 miles as previously announced).

“It’s taken us two years and countless hours of work to get to this. I couldn’t be happier with seeing the ground breaking,” said Special Operations Supervisor Greg Lambert. “It’s a great day, not only are we making our nations border more secure, but were also giving back to the local community by using local contractors.”

The deployment of RVSS cameras along the St. Clair River is scheduled to conclude by early 2010.



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SBInet Construction Begins in Detroit Sector

The Northern Border Project will provide remote surveillance capabilities on the U.S. side of the Detroit and Buffalo Border Patrol Sectors using technology already in use along the Southwest Border.      

SBInet Starts Construction in Arizona

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security had “a reasonable level of engineering confidence” in the SBInet technology to give the go-ahead to begin the buildout.

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GAO: Maybe SBINet Needs Fresh Focus

Delays and performance shortfalls mean border patrol officers are relying on outdated equipment instead of the high-tech, integrated web of technology the initiative has promised.

SBInet Suspended

 Here at Government Video, I knew SBInet was in trouble when someone from DHS called me for advice on low-latency wireless video transmission and control systems.