San Francisco Area Transit Police Testing Clip-on Cameras

Technology part of an effort to increase accountability and transparency among officers.
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San Francisco area transit police have begun testing clip-on cameras in order to record all interactions with riders, according to transit officials.

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police began wearing small video cameras several weeks ago that are on loan to the law enforcement agency in an effort to increase accountability and transparency among officers, the officials say.

The test of the video cameras will determine if the transit agency will purchase the devices for all BART officers who have been criticized for the shooting deaths of passengers by transit police.

The most infamus incident occurred in 2009 when BART officer Johannes Mehserle was recorded on passengers’ cell phones as he shot rider Oscar Grant III in the back. The video shows a handcuffed Grant laying face down on the train platform when Mehserle pulls his gun and shoots Grant killing him. Mehserle later claimed he believed he was shooting Grant with a Taser, but he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served a two-year sentence.