Safe & Secure TV to Broadcast Pentagon Channel

Operates round-the-clock, delivering thousands of hours of military and defense-related content annually.
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Safe and Secure TV Channel, LLC (SSTV), an internet broadband television network dedicated to homeland security and emergency preparedness, says expansion of its content offerings during 2011 will include the “Pentagon Channel,” the broadcast network of the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Pentagon Channel operates round-the-clock, delivering thousands of hours of military and defense-related content annually, including front line coverage of U.S. military theaters around the world, coverage of senior defense and government leaders, and other features, say SSTV, which is headquartered in Annapolis, Md.

During 2010, SSTV says it established several partnerships and agreements to provide video information to the security industry. SSTV intends to leverage its global audience of business and residential consumers of security industry products and services through embedded programming and advertising, and other revenue models that span the Company's website, print and electronic magazines, membership services and other business activities, the company says.

In addition, SSTV has integrated a variety of informational programming and content from such sources as the Department of Homeland Security, police and fire professionals, emergency medical services, corporate and residential security industry companies, and others.

SSTV is "excited to move into 2011 with our largest schedule of news and information about all aspects of security and preparedness, both in the United States and around the world,” said Gerard Ferri, SSTV’s president. “The Pentagon Channel provides an important element in our lineup," he added.

SSTV currently offers content and services for the business and corporate security and preparedness markets, as well as residential consumers, government and the military. In recent months the Company has announced several carriage of content relationships and revenue-generating businesses within the fast-growing global security and preparedness sector.