RTW’s Audio Metering Devices to Meet Global Loudness Standards

Products reportedly handle all loudness standards worldwide including the United States, Japan and Europe.
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RTW, a German manufacturer of professional audio and metering control devices, said all its units will meet worldwide loudness standards starting in July 2011.

RTW is demonstrating critical loudness upgrades to its DigitalMonitor 10500X-PLUS, SurroundControl 31900/31960 and SurroundMonitor 11900 lines of products, Michael Kahsnitz, technical director, RTW, said at a Monday press conference. The upgrade adapts the loudness functionality of those instruments to current guideline and standards, RTW says.

Those products “can handle all the loudness standards worldwide including for the United States, Japan and Europe,” Kahsnitz said.

In addition, RTW also introduced new monitoring software for its TouchMonitor series of audio metering products that includes performance and stability optimizations; new function enhancements; improvements to the “intuitive touchscreen-based operating concept;” as well as better ergonomics. The “new software on the TouchMonitor series,” (also called radar) measures loudness in either two streams of 5.1, or in a single 5.1 stereo stream, according to Kahsnitz. Whichever stream is used, “it (the radar) provides the user with “a lot of information on the audio off your streams.”

The “firmware” is available for download to all TouchMonitor users at www.rtw.de, according to the company.

-- J.J. Smith


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