Ross Video Appoints Regional Sales Manager for Southern California

Staff changes targeted at busy region
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Jaz Wray

Iroquois, Ontario, Canada — Ross Video announced that Jaz Wray has joined the company as regional sales manager for Southern California.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve had the chance to get to know a lot of people at Ross and I have always been impressed by the company,” Wray said. “Now, as a sales manager for Southern California, I have a great opportunity to continue extending the Ross brand and its solutions to this region. I am excited to move forward.”

Before joining Ross, Wray was a regional sales manager at Clear-Com, an HME Company, serving the Southwestern U.S. and Latin America for the past six years. Prior to this, he was a global re-engineering project manager with American Express Corporate Business Travel, residing in both Australia and Arizona during his tenure with the company.

Pete Ross, the director of sales for the U.S., welcomed Wray to the team, saying “As Ross continues to grow and serve different verticals, the Southern California region has become increasingly vital to us. So, it’s important that our sales manager for this region has extensive industry experience, a deep understanding of the Ross solutions, and can effectively serve different verticals. Luckily Jaz fit the bill, and we’re lucky to have him.”