Roland Unveils ‘V-800HD’ Multi-Format Switcher

Every input has its own broadcast quality scaler that can individually scale, stretch, crop and zoom each source as required
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Roland Systems Group introduces the Roland V-800HD multi-format live video switcher as an addition to the company’s line of multi-format video mixers.

The V-800HD is a true multi-format video mixer so there is no need to match input sources to the output resolution, Roland says. Every V-800HD input has its own broadcast quality scaler that can individually scale, stretch, crop and zoom each source as required to fit any output resolution chosen, the company says.

The V-800HD is HDCP compatible and features a built-in multi-viewer output that provides a convenient monitoring solution when connected to an HDMI monitor, Roland says. The unit’s eight mixing channels provide connectivity to 3G/HD/SD-SDI, DVI-A/DVI-D/HDMI, RGB, component, and composite formats, as well as an additional two channels for still images assignable via USB memory stick or frame grab.

In addition, a newly developed key-compositing engine lets users adjust phase range, amount of chroma, and hue, saturation, value color space parameters, Roland says. Another key compositing feature includes an external keyer enabling computer graphic titles and gradation clips, enabling impressive visual effects.

Assignable video cross-points allow reordering channel buttons which is especially useful when sudden changes in camera lines or differences in formats create blank spaces between select buttons on the bus, the company says. A dedicated composite output enables a down-converted SD signal that is always ready to use for archiving to a DVD recorder or to an encoder for streaming.

The V-800HD’s “Multi-Zoom” feature can be enabled when one video input is shared internally with up to three more inputs, essentially daisy-chaining it, Roland says. The scaler for each input can zoom into any position in the video image giving the appearance that additional cameras are connected, creating a virtual multi-camera environment. Additional effects include a down stream keyer (DSK), a composite keyer, picture-in-picture and multiple transitions.

The V-800HD supports an incredible variety of system design and creative production options for live or fixed installation applications, Roland says. The unit can handle LED wall sizing challenges and is useful for live events demanding flexibility, stability, high quality, ease of use, and professional connectivity.