Roland Says Update to ‘V-1600HD’ Switcher is Available

The upgrades are particularly beneficial to those who use the switcher in live production environments.
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Roland Systems Group, a supplier of commercial and performance audio/video equipment, says a system update to its popular V-1600HD Multi-Format Video Switcher is available.

The latest update includes features that address requests from the growing V-1600HD user base, particular those who use the switcher in live production environments, especially where LED walls are used, Roland says. The update also provides additional scaling functions to both the “Program” and AUX outputs in all modes. That includes common LED video wall aspect ratio presets such as 4:3, 5:4, 5:3 and 16:9 plus a manual, pixel accurate mode where any wall size or aspect ratio can be dialed in, and from that setting users can scale the source material within the output space with crop, zoom and position adjustments, the company says.

With two configurable outputs, users can drive both LCD/plasma/projectors and a LED video wall or LED curtain at the same time, according to Roland. In addition—for some applications—that will eliminate the need for additional scalers between the video mixer and LED video wall processors, lowering costs and overall latency making the V-1600HD a potentially “ideal all-in-one multi-format front end to any LED video wall configuration for tour and rental,” Roland says.

The update also includes additional output formats, fade adjustments between memory recall, cropping of picture-in-picture source and support for MIDI Visual Control.