Roland Announces XS Series of Multiformat AV Matrix Switchers

AV switchers for classrooms, conference rooms
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Roland XS Series switchers

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Roland Systems Group recently introduced the company’s XS Series, a line of multiformat matrix switchers designed for fixed installations requiring integrated video and audio conversion and switching.

The series supports eight HDMI, RGB/component/S-video/composite inputs and up to four HDMI or HDBaseT outputs, with scalers to provide picture-in-picture, resizing, rotating and flipping. Audio can be embedded into outputs via eight stereo audio inputs (two microphone) and/or HDMI audio as well as de-embedded on output. Additional features include iPad control, EDID emulation and HDCP management.

The XS Series is available in three configurations: 8-in x 4-out (XS-84H), 8-in x 3-out (XS-83H), and 8-in x 2-out (XS-82H), and is targeted at conference rooms, education, 4K switching to 1080p, performing art centers, churches, convention centers and teleconferencing.

The Roland XS Series can be remotely controlled using an iPad app called XS Remote, and the gear can also be controlled via RS-232C interface and LAN connections.

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Roland XS-84H switcher with iPad control

The XS-84 model is capable of switching four video sources as a group, enabling the use of up to two 4K inputs. The multiformat capabilities allows users to switch 4K, HD, SD, XGA and other computer formats up to 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (WUXGA).

Advanced video processing functions makes multiscreen video productions possible for both signage and live applications. A single image can be scaled across multiple displays using the Span mode, then switched to a different image on each screen in Matrix mode. Each input channel supports adjustments for scaling, positioning and aspect ratio before output to ensure optimized display.

In education environments, the XS series can switch between and route HDCP video from computers, smart phones, blu-ray, and even still images from internal memory to displays. The switcher can distribute up to four HDBaseT outputs for long distance transmission of audio and video content to displays throughout a campus.

For teleconferencing applications, the XS series features four internal busses each for video and audio. It can be used to create minus-one audio to feed directly into teleconferencing systems. The switcher can select among up to eight computer and video devices in both analog and digital formats. An audio ducking function lowers audio levels when microphone audio is detected, making it a good choice for conference or boardroom environments.