RGB Spectrum Helps Cap BP Gulf Oil Well

MediaWall display technology used to guide ROVs in capping, monitoring oil spill
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MediaWall display technology from RGB Spectrum was part of the shipboard integrated control system used to manage the remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) that successfully capped the Deepwater Horizon Well in the Gulf of Mexico.

The well released oil into the Gulf for three months until it was finally capped on July 15, 2010.

The RGB Spectrum MediaWall consolidated images from cameras mounted on each of the ROVs with additional operating data, giving the shipboard controllers the information needed to direct the machines operating some 820 fathoms beneath the surface.

To underscore the importance of remote control and monitoring, BP Vice President Kent Wells said, “Results monitored from control rooms on ships at sea and hundreds of miles away at the company's U.S. headquarters in Houston showed the oil staying inside the cap, rather than escaping through any undiscovered breaches.”