RGB Spectrum Debuts Hydra Multi-Channel Scaler

New scaler targets simulators and other high-end applications.
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RGB Spectrum’s new Hydramultichannel scaler is now shipping.

The Hydra offers multiple capabilities that include pan/zoom, format conversion and even scaling of DVI dual-link to single-link. The compact multichannel system consists of up to eight independent scaler/converter units housed in a 2RU chassis, which features a space-saving design and a single power connection.

An intuitive control interface streamlines control of the system, while internal switching allows the scaler to route any input to multiple outputs, each with unique scaling, format and timing settings. In addition, the HDCP-compliant Hydra scaler both processes content-protected DVI and HDMI signals, and supports embedded audio pass-through.

Hydra scalers offer a number of additional features that simplify installation and operation. Users can add, store and recall pan/zoom presets, as well as create custom timing settings for inputs and outputs. Built-in cable equalization improves performance and extends signal transmission distance. Finally, advanced EDID management technology ensures that source devices provide an optimized signal for the attached display.

Hydra scalers are available in three basic configurations that can be customized depending on the requirements of the system:

·100 Series models offer four channels of DVI dual-link to single-link conversion, and support resolutions up to 4K (UltraHD).

·200 Series models support up to 8 channels of DVI/HDMI and/or analog RGB signals with resolutions of up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1152.

·300 Series models feature input cards that accept 3G/HD-SDI video from cameras and other devices up to 1080p.

Targeted at simulators, visualization rooms, and other mission-critical applications, the new Hydra multichannel scaler combines multiformat conversion with high signal quality and versatility. The new unit replaces RGB Spectrum’s popular Quadra scaler, while offering double the processing capacity and adding many additional features.