Prince William County Schools Build Around Snell

The Snell equipment includes a Sirius router, the Morpheus automation system and a Masterpiece master control switcher.
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Routing, automation and master control gear from Snell is at the center of the new digital facility of PWCS-TV, in the Manassas, Va.-based Prince William County School Division.

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The control room at PWCS-TV The Snell equipment includes a Sirius router, the Morpheus automation system and a Masterpiece master control switcher.

PWCS-TV content includes locally produced programming as well as live satellite feeds and other content. When the school district recently moved to a new administration building, PWCS-TV used the opportunity to build a new broadcasting facility to facilitate its transition from analog to digital operations. The station worked with Snell reseller The Whitlock Group to evaluate solutions and choose a suite of Snell products that would integrate easily with its Omneon media server and other components in the new digital infrastructure.

At the heart of PWCS-TV's new digital operation is a 256x256 Snell Sirius router, which handles both HD and SD signals with embedded audio. The Snell Morpheus automation system provides seamless playout of all content elements for both PWCS-TV channels. In addition, PWCS-TV has implemented a Snell Masterpiece master control switcher and several modules from Snell's Vistek modular infrastructure range, which handle a variety of tasks such as analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, audio processing, up- and down-conversion, and video processing.

"We are very satisfied with our decision to build our new facility around Snell routing and control solutions," said Richard Shahan, administrative coordinator at PWCS-TV. “The equipment was very easy to implement and the learning curve has been minimal—but most importantly, our failure rate has dropped to near zero. We're also experiencing quality levels that are at least three times higher than with our old analog operation."

"PWCS-TV is a good example of the types of challenges our broadcasting customers face as they transition to digital operations. The station needed a one-stop shop that could offer a comprehensive solution set for routing and control, that would be interoperable with other critical master control elements"No other vendor is better positioned to meet these types of requirements than Snell."



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