Primeview Unveils Two Bright 4K Displays

View 4K in bright surroundings
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Primeview PRV844KHBLD 84-inch UHD display

New York — Primeview USA, a manufacturer of video displays for a variety of applications, just launched two ultra-bright high-resolution displays that are intended for viewing in daylight and other demanding environments. This new UHD High Bright line of LED displays combines high brightness with UHD (4K) resolution, promising outdoor 24/7 reliability with clear image quality.

The two new models are:

PRV844KHBLD – 84-inch 4K Industrial High Bright LED LCD.

PRV654KHBLD – 65-inch 4K Industrial High Bright LED LCD

The displays' brightness and UHD resolution makes them a good choice for large digital signage deployments where high level of ambient lighting and outdoor elements are of concern. These units are also available with IP65 rated outdoor enclosures and are sunlight readable, making it suitable for storefront windows and theme parks.

“Pop-up outdoor broadcast studios are becoming standard for large sporting and news events,” said Chanan Averbuch, vice president of sales at Primeview USA.“By leveraging nearly two decades of research and development in military spec applications, Primeview can now provide the broadcast networks with outdoor industrial high bright monitors with 4K image quality their viewers’ deserve.”

Primeview’s UHD High Bright line of LED displays are available in both open and metal frame housing.