Police Body Cam Study Finds Complaints Against Officers Did Not Drop

Findings from D.C.’s police not department not anticipated
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WASHINGTON—D.C. police officers began wearing body cameras in 2014 as part of a study to determine if the use of body cameras would have an effect on behavior of both officers and citizens. However, as the Washington Post reports, the use of the force and citizen complaints are reported as often for officers wearing body cams and those not wearing them.

For the full report, check out the Washington Post’s story.


New Police Body-Cams Controlled by 911 Dispatch promo image

New Police Body-Cams Controlled by 911 Dispatch

Advancement in police body-worn cameras keep coming, as Equature has debuted its Interactive Policing Real-Time Software that allows for individual body-worn cameras to be turned on by police management of 911 dispatch control based on first responder’s operational policies.