Police Agencies Borrow Surveillance Drones from Federal Government

Drone aircraft are not just for the military.
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A federally owned Predator drone prepares for a surveillance flight near the Mexican border on March 7, 2013 from Fort Huachuca, Ariz. (John Moore/Getty Images)

According to an article in the Jan. 15, 2014, Washington Post, local and state police agencies are increasingly requesting the use of aerial surveillance drones from the federal government. In addition to using drones to look for criminal activity such as meth labs, drug smuggling and marijuana fields, public safety officials are also using them for search and rescue operations.

Although many people are comfortable with local police using the available tools to combat serious crime, the article raises concerns that some have regarding privacy and illegal searches. For more on the use of surveillance drone use by police, please click this link to read the full story at the Washington Post.