PEG Channel CreaTV’s Remote Van Uses Broadcast Pix Equipment

Purchasing another Broadcast Pix system makes sense from a training perspective
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CreaTV San Jose, which provides San Jose, Calif. with four public access and education channels, has rolled out its first mobile production vehicle—a Ford E350 extended cargo van outfitted with a Granite 1000 Video Control Center—which is used to cover high school sports and other events.

Broadcast Pix—a producer of live video production systems—h

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as provided CreaTV with a Granite 1000 for its large studio, a Slate 1000 for its smaller studio, and a Slate Portable for remote shoots, the company says. In addition, CreaTV recently included Slate 500 systems as part of four portable production studios for San Jose schools, the firm says.

The decision to purchase another Broadcast Pix system makes sense from a training perspective, said Justin Cowgill, CreaTV’s director of facilities and technology. Cowgill trains community volunteers to produce programs, and with the Granite 1000 containing an integrated production system, it is also well equipped for the production van, he said.

The Granite 1000 “has so many features built into it, that [the features] would take up more rack space, which means more real estate in the truck,” Cowgill said. “Also, each tool costs money and is another potential point of failure,” he said. “Space and weight were limited, and so was cost; Broadcast Pix really made it a much more affordable way to go.”

In addition to the Granite 1000, the van is also equipped with a Yamaha DM1000 audio console, Tightrope Media Systems ZEPLAY multi-channel instant replay, and two AJA Ki Pro recorders. For remote productions, three JVC GY-HM790U ProHD cameras, that are connected to the production van via fiber, are used.

Since it began operations in 2011, the production van has been used mostly to record local high school football, though CreaTV has also produced coverage of roller derby, city meetings and its own CreaTiVe Awards program. “Our setup and capabilities are extremely streamlined,” Cowgill said.

CreaTV makes extensive use of Granite’s Fluent workflow tools, including the Fluent Clip Store is used for opens and bumps as well, according to Broadcast Pix. Further, the built-in Harris CG provides lower-thirds, scores and sponsor graphics during sports coverage, while the Fluent Animation Store delivers transitions for instant replay.

Designed and built by Magic Wave Productions, which is based in Pleasanton, Calif., the production vehicle can accommodate up to five crewmembers, CreaTV says. In addition, four 24-inch monitors in the truck are fed using Fluent-View, and the PEG channel purchased the “Quad Monitor” option, so each of the 24-inch monitors can be configured to best serve the technical director, and crew at the graphics, audio and engineering stations, CreaTV said.