Ottawa PD Standardizes March Networks’ Suspect Interview System

Move will enhance evidence and case management and aid in convictions.
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March Networks, a provider of internet protocol (IP) video solutions, says the Ottawa Police Service has standardized the company’s video recording system across its interview rooms city-wide to enhance evidence and case management and aid in convictions.

Called VideOversight, the solution is already used in more than 300 police interview rooms throughout North America, March Networks says in a written statement. The recording solution is custom designed for police departments and is an integrated offering developed through March Networks’ “certified technology partnership program,” the company says.

The Ottawa Police Service has installed March Networks’ system in 21 interview and breathalyzer rooms, as well as in its cell block booking area. The networked systems enable authorized officers to watch live interviews from their desktop computers, so they can verify facts and contribute to interviews in real-time. The integrity of the system is ensured through permission-based access and audit reports detailing user activity.

VideOversight combines high-quality video and audio of police interviews with powerful management software that enables officers to append related case notes, transcripts and other digital materials, March says.

“Our teams invest significant time and resources building cases, collecting information and interviewing suspects,” said Sgt. Iain Pidcock, Ottawa Police Service. “Losing video evidence could risk an entire investigation and result in a criminal being set free. With this solution, we can access and manage case evidence quickly and easily, and know that the video records will be there when they are needed."


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