Opgal Unveils ‘EyeSec’ Continuous Zoom Camera

The thermal-imaging camera is marketed as easy to use as a standard security/CCTV camera.
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Opgal Optronics Industries of Israel unveiled its EyeSec 15-100mm Continuous Zoom camera, which is a thermal-imaging camera that Opgal says can be as easy to use as a standard security/CCTV camera.

The EyeSec is an outdoor security thermal camera that was designed for observing and monitoring sensitive sites 24/7, Opgal says. The camera provides clear thermal video images even in total darkness, light fog or smoke, and works with video analytics and video motion detection to provide superior detection capabilities, the company said.

Past continuous-zoom systems were only available in expensive, cooled thermal cameras, Opgal said. However, the EyeSec uses Opgal's highly sensitive un-cooled microbolometer engines providing control-room operators with the same ease of use as with a standard CCTV, or a continuous zoom auto-focus camera with thermal capabilities for night vision, the company says.