ONVIF ‘Plug Fest’ Attracts International Group of Engineers

Meeting helped ensure that end-users new products from different vendors will work together on their networks.
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The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF), a group promoting global standardization for IP-based physical security products, attracted 65 engineers from 26 companies to test the interoperability of their products with products adhering to ONVIF specifications.

The engineers tested their products at ONVIF’s fourth “developers’ plug fest held at Canon's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan on Feb. 28. The objective of the developers’ plug fest is to ensure that end-users will be able to select products from different vendors that will work together on their networks.

ONVIF’s fourth developers’ plug fest resulted in approximately 300 hours of testing being conducted during the two and half days, said Takahiro Iwasaki from Canon. During the plug fest, 13 video management systems and 19 network cameras and encoders from 26 different vendors were tested. "The event represented a great joint effort from all the participating member companies and once again demonstrated that the market has selected the ONVIF specification as its chosen method of standardization," he said.

“The developers’ plug fests provide an excellent platform to member companies to ensure and improve the interoperability of their products, which is the main goal of ONVIF,” said Markus Wierny of Bosch Security Systems, who is also chairman of ONVIF's Technical Services Committee. “ONVIF and its member companies, including Canon, have done an excellent job organizing these events, and providing an exceptional environment for the intensive testing conducted during the plug fests,” he said.

With 270 member companies, and 650 ONVIF conformant products available in the market, there is still much to learn and gain from plug fests and ONVIF's specifications, Wierny said. Even if companies have participated in previous ONVIF plug fests, each event offers its own dynamics and potential for discovery, he added.


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