Obama Campaign Releases Trailer Teasing First Term Video

The trailer opens with actor Tom Hanks in a voice over
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President Obama’s re-election campaign has released a trailer teasing a 17-minute video about Obama’s first term that is scheduled for release March 15, 2012.

Campaign officials plan to show the video—called “The Road We’ve Traveled”—at events around the county. Davis Guggenheim, the filmmaker behind the Academy Award-winning Al Goredocumentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” directed the video.

Jim Messina, campaign manager for “Obama for America 2012,” says the video will “put into perspective the enormous challenges that the nation faced when the president took office and the strides we’ve made together.”

The trailer can be seen now on YouTube. It opens with actor Tom Hanks, in a voice over, asking, “How do we understand this president and his time in office? Do we look at the day’s headlines, or do we remember what we as a country have been through?”

The trailer then includes quotes from administration officials commenting on moments of crisis the White House faced. Austan Goolsbee, the former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, discusses the initial meetings on the economic crisis at the very beginning of Obama’s term; then Rahm Emanuel, former White House chief of staff, describes how Obama decided which crisis to pursue first; Vice PresidentJoe Biden then discusses the decision to tackle health care, and he later talks about the decision to take action on Osama Bin Laden; and Elizabeth Warren, former special advisor on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, details what would have happened to the economy if the auto industry were allowed to collapse.