Oakwood, Ohio Spending $40K on 6 Surveillance Cameras

Units will be placed in two parks and the business district.
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Oakwood, Ohio officials approved spending $40,000 for five permanent surveillance cameras—that will be placed in two parks and the business district—and a mobile camera, according to report in the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News.

Officials expect the cameras to be operational sometime during the spring of 2011, and once active the cameras will allow Oakwood police to monitor Orchardly and Shafor parks and the Far Hills business district, with the mobile unit being deployed wherever needed.

“It's another tool in the toolbox,” said Public Safety Chief Alex Bebris, who expects the cameras to deter crime. “If they (the cameras) make people think twice about doing something stupid over at the park, good,” he said.

The camera system saves video images, so when a crime is reported, the officers can review the tape.

In addition to the police cameras, most of the retailers in the business district have cameras covering the inside of the stores. Bebris said the location of the outdoor camera at the business district has not been finalized, but is will be positioned to watch traffic and “the comings and goings of people.”

Monitors will have the capability to pan or zoom the cameras remotely, and the system is designed to add cameras, he said.