North America Leads Surveillance-Video Revenue Growth

Terrorism retaliation, national and cyber security all present business opportunities
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As of 2011, North America held the highest share of revenue generation for the surveillance video industry, followed by Europe, according to a market research report that analyzed the international surveillance video industry. The report says despite challenges, segments of the surveillance market are experiencing growth.
The report—Video Surveillance as a Service Market (2012– 2017) Global Forecast and Analysis by Service, Components, Application & Geography—was produced by MarketsandMarkets, a market research company and consulting firm.
The report provides a review of the surveillance video industry with insights into commercial, institutional, residential, industrial and infrastructural applications. It also contains size estimates, revenue forecasts, value chain, market and product trends, competitive landscape, as well as information about leading players and important developments, strategies and profile.
According to the report’s findings, security has become a global issue with retaliations against terrorism, national and cyber security as the primary areas generating investments. Those sectors represent opportunities for businesses in technological advancement and services, the report says.
The software-based hosting and managing of video on an Internet protocol (IP) network depends upon the amount of cameras in a surveillance system, the report says. In addition, the major portion of video footage captured by surveillance are archived and only retrieved on-demand, the study says.
However, the market for video surveillance as a service is facing challenges with respect to infrastructure cost, the report says. In addition, bandwidth and corporate protocols, combined with the network security issues, are slowing market growth, according to the study. There are initiatives to enhance the awareness about the technicalities and clinical advantages of cloud services for video storage and retrieval, it says.
The highway, street and bridge segment of surveillance video is expected to increase with the highest compound annual growth rate (12.9 percent), the report says. Further, in order to achieve both growth and profitability, companies need to focus on price-effective business models, high-definition (HD) camera resolution and mass marketing through incorporation of social networking.
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