NOA’s jobDB Archiving Tool Upgraded to jobDB 3.0

Provides greater flexibility in setting up individual workflows
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NOA Audio Solutions, provider of audio archiving systems, has upgraded its jobDB workflow creation tool that is used for ingesting, reshaping and analyzing media during archiving, retranscoding, or other complex business processes.

The upgrade—jobDB 3.0—provides users of NOA's ingestLINE and actLINE platforms greater flexibility in setting up individual workflows, as well as full support of nearly all actLINE modules, the company says. The result is reduced cost of workflow setup and execution, and improved workflow quality, the firm says.

There are several improvements in jobDB 3.0 over the previous version, NOA says, including a multiple retranscoding capability, whereby the output of one process can be fed to the input of the next; an increase in output file types from the MediaButler module; the ability to connect to the new WaveScanner, FileCollector, and FolderScanner Uniport modules; and the ability to connect all actLINE modules to jobDB to enable design of multiple chains of subsequent file processing including de-hissing and de-clicking with CEDAR modules.

jobDB was designed to bring all the scalability and efficiency of automated processes to the environments where media asset management already exists,” said Jean-Christophe Kummer, NOA Audio Solutions’ CEO. “It allows archivists and service providers who use our ingestLINE and actLINE products to create grid-based workflows that greatly simplify the process of working with files, and that are scalable from one to many human operators or automated machines,” he said.


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