Next Level Security Systems’ ‘Gateway’ Gets Videonetics’ ‘Intelligent Video Analytics’

Videonetics’ analytics can alert security personnel to intrusion, trespassing, theft and illegal parking
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Videonetics Technology, a producer of “intelligent” video management services (VMS), is providing its ‘Intelligent Video Analytics’ technology to Next Level Security Systems (NLSS), a physical security company, which is integrating the analytics into its “Gateway” system, the companies say.

Videonetics says its Intelligent Video Analytics can analyze real-time video of a complex scene using a low computational bandwidth, which will allow the users to connect more cameras for real time analysis.

NLSS’ security platform is a unified, networked system that integrates video management, access control, intrusion detection and video analytics into one solution. The incorporation of intelligent video analytics technology will allow the NLSS Gateway system to detect cases of intrusion, trespassing, theft, illegal parking and then alert security personnel to take appropriate actions, Videonetics says.

 “This integration is in line with our mission to add value to various security and surveillance equipment by embedding our intelligent VMS components inside,” says Tinku Acharya, Videonetics’ CEO. “Next Level is pioneering the way to integrate various security and surveillance services under a single platform without much overhead to the users, which the world looks forward to,” he says. Videonetics has other video analytics driven solutions in development that will be interwoven with various security related services without much cost impact and will enhance the efficiency and performance of security operators, adds.

The analytics engine deploys unique scene learning and scene modeling technique, which is invariant to the type of camera sensors, Videonetics says. It works alike for color, monochrome, infrared and thermal imagery, and the technology can also be used for forensic analysis when the video is obtained from a recorded file, the company says.

In addition, the incorporation of Videonetics’ “advanced video analytics enhances the intelligence provided by our unified management platform and provides our customers with another tool to enhance safety and security,” said Jumbi Edulbehram, NLSS’ vice president of business development.