NewTek Promoting TriCaster to Non-Traditional Broadcasters

The NewTek “Take Control” tour began on May 16 in San Antonio, Texas.
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In an effort to reach out to “non-traditional broadcasters,” NewTek is traveling around the country promoting its TriCaster 850 EXTREME.

The NewTek “Take Control” tour began on May 16 in San Antonio, Texas, and will end on June 6 in Dallas making stops at Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington in between.

“The reason we want to get out here and get in a grassroots type of thing and talk about TriCaster, is because it is such a versatile tool,” said Will Waters, NewTek sales engineer who is making the presentations. “The TriCaster can appeal to more than the traditional broadcaster,” he said, listing schools, medical and government. “Those clients might not be traditional attendees of shows such as NAB, so we arrange presentations so we can promote the TriCaster, and all the different ways it can be used,” he added.

The TriCaster 850 EXTREME is a portable production system that allows users to manage “high-end” television productions, but with very limited manpower. Users can record up to eight channels of video from any input or output. The system provides support for multi-format recording (MPG, AVI, and full MP4), according to NewTek. In addition, the TriCaster enables users to broadcast, live stream, project and record simultaneously and deliver video in up to 1080p resolution, and stream live to the Internet and other digital media, in up to 720p resolution.

“We’re promoting the idea that a TriCaster is a versatile tool that allows you to get your messaging out to whoever your audience is,” Waters said. “For schools it would be the community, parents; for government, there are training applications,” he said.

The concerns non-traditional broadcasters have over acquiring a piece of equipment such as TriCaster are centered on “on the level of operation and training that goes along with having a device that does so many of these things,” he said. “The beauty of the TriCaster is that is configured in a way so that there is an easy learning curve. We have different models, and users have coined the term ‘volunteer proof’ for the unit; it means at a school situation, or somewhere involving volunteers, or people who have never done video production before, it only take some basic instructions and they are actually managing a multi-camera video switch,” he said.