NewTek Offers Free TriCaster Audio Mixer App -

NewTek Offers Free TriCaster Audio Mixer App

Device allows remote control of TriCaster systems
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NewTek, a provider of portable production solutions, is offering its TriCaster Audio Mixer app, which is a free download available from the iTunes app store that enables users to employ touchscreen control over audio levels in live video productions.
“By combining the mixer with the ease and mobility of the iPad, you can share the workload of a multi-camera production,” said Andrew Cross, NewTek’s chief technology officer.
Connected to TriCaster via WiFi, the Audio Mixer app provides remote control over multiple channels of audio, displays VU meters in real time, and synchronizes with desktop audio mixer settings automatically, NewTek says. Presets are also included for instant adjustments, the company adds.
The Audio Mixer app is compatible with TriCaster XD systems and the controls available conform to the features of the TriCaster model in use, the firm says.


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