Newtec Launches Latest Broadcast Satellite Modem

The MDM6100 was specifically designed for broadcast applications
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Newtec, a producer of satellite communications technology, launched the MDM6100, its latest broadcast satellite modem, which is a next generation DVB-S, DVB-S2 and S2 extensions modem specifically designed for broadcast applications, the company says.
The MDM6100 is capable of increasing broadcast efficiency by up to 60 percent compared to the DVB-S2, and it provides broadcasters and satellite service providers with the latest modulation, multistream transmission and wideband transponder support, Newtec says.
In addition, the MDM6100 can act as a modem, modulator or demodulator, and can be used in conjunction with set-top boxes, professional integrated receiver decoders and satellite demodulators, according to Newtec. The MDM6100 is designed to migrate existing networks towards a more efficient S2 modulation in a smooth manner, and the gained space segment can be used to transmit more content, including UHDTV services that demand a lot of bandwidth, the company says.
Migration of standard distribution links towards S2 extensions can be achieved simply by inserting an MDM6100 modem in the receiving head-ends while keeping the installed base of infrared detection systems, Newtec says. In those network topologies, the MDM6100 receives content using the efficient S2 extensions, and provides the content to multiple IRDs over asynchronous serial interface gigabit Ethernet or trans-modulated DVB-S/S2 carrier, the company says.
Priority DVB projects such as S2 extensions will become available on the platform as soon as the standardization efforts are complete, Newtec says. Those would give up to 37 percent more efficiency compared to the DVB-S2, and when combined with wideband (72 Mbaud) the savings will leap to almost two thirds, the company says.
“Our new broadcast modem enables systems to easily migrate to multistream and S2 extensions paving the way to the distribution of more broadcast content,” says Steven Soenens, Newtec’s director of product strategy and product management. In one simple move, the MDM6100 prepares a business for S2 extensions, high efficiency video coding and ultra high definition television and enables the re-use of existing infrastructure and reduces satellite interference through a digital video broadcasting carrier identification system.
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