New OnSSI Software Integrates Video, Security Systems

The integration is available for OnSSI’s NetDVMS video management system and the Ocularis physical security information management platform.
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OnSSI, a producer of open-architecture, internet protocol (IP)-based video surveillance software, unveils a new software module that integrates OnSSI’s video management system with the latest version of Software House’s CoCURE 9000 security and event management system.

The integration of OnSSI’s software with Software House’s CoCURE 9000 enhances the CoCURE 9000’s event management capabilities allowing users to instantly launch video associated with access control events; visually verify and investigate activity at access points; and receive events from the video system. Those capabilities turn the CoCURE 9000 control panel into a powerful video client, says a written statement by OnSSI, which is headquartered in Pearl River, N.Y.

The interface incorporates the same video controls as OnSSI’s Ocularis system, and the interface’s “Instant Investigation” feature allows users to seamlessly transition from live monitoring to playback, without changing the viewing mode, the company says.

Through the CoCURE 9000 monitoring station, users are able to monitor groups of up to 16 cameras connected to different recording servers at multiple sites. The video window can be set to display manually or automatically as an event pop-up, with up to four live video windows displayed based on event activation, the company says. On-screen controls include digital “pan/tilt/zoom” (PTZ), available in both live and playback, optical PTZ controls, PTZ joystick and start/stop recording, among others.

The integration is available for OnSSI’s NetDVMS video management system and the Ocularis physical security information management platform, incorporating NetDVMS as the recorder component.

“Integration of access control with video surveillance is a powerful combination for the user, and we are pleased to offer Ocularis’ enhanced video capabilities that operate as part of the CoCURE 9000 interface,” said Julio Montalvo, OnSSI’s director of technical services. “Merging access control and video surveillance reduces the costs of managing two separate systems in addition to providing an enhanced, unified user experience,” he says. “Our collaboration with Software House makes this capability available to our joint customers, and we plan to continue to expand the integration to additional OnSSI software solutions,” he added.


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