New Lawsuit Takes Aim at KCSM-TV Sale

Latest legal dispute suggests station sale is invalid; school officials disagree
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SAN MATEO, CALIF.—The sale of San Mateo County Community College District’s KCSM-TV station is hitting a legal snag. LocusPoint Networks has filed a lawsuit that seeks to block the sale of KCSM-TV to a Sonoma County broadcaster. LocusPoint Network had previously had plans to acquire KCSM-TV, but the sale fell through; now LocusPoint claims that the $12 million deal with KRCB of Santa Rosa is invalid because it disobeys terms of an earlier contract between the district and LocusPoint.

The full story can be found on San Mateo’s Daily Journal website.

In addition, KCSM-TV’s acknowledged that there was opposition to its deal with KRCB in its announcement in the Daily Journal, but Tom Mohr, president of the Board of Trustees of the San Mateo County Community College District, wrote: “We have followed, and will continue to follow, California laws governing this type of sale and the college district is committed to completing the sale of the station as we have attempted to do for years. Our priority remains serving the educational needs of our students and community. This sale meets both of those objectives.”

Read that full article here.


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