New IEC Lock+ Connector Prevents Accidental Disconnects

Red cage release mechanism enables easy access
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CREEDMOOR, N.C.— Stay Online Corp. now offers the IEC Lock+ connector, which builds on the success of the original launched in 2010 and intended to ensure power cables remain plugged into the socket.

The new release mechanism enables users to disconnect the connector from all sides, and it still is a standalone product that must be plugged into an appliance the same as a standard IEC lead, to prevent accidental disconnects.

The new IEC Lock+ uses now uses the red cage release mechanism in place of a pull-tab, distinguishing it from standard non-locking IEC leads.

Stay Online provides both in-stock and custom-configured power connectivity products, with same day shipping for in-stock products and 48-hour turnaround time for custom cords and PDU whips.