Adds ‘Instagram’ to its ‘Interactivity Suite’

The new functionality a tool for increasing viewership
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Interactive broadcast technology company has integrated “Instagram,” a smartphone application that enables users to share photos, into the latest version of’s “Interactivity Suite,” which is a technical toolkit for creating interactive broadcasts and campaigns.
“Instagram has become a wildly popular form of social media, and we believe it will only continue to grow in relevance, which is why we’ve upgraded IS to include it,” said Zachary Weiner, director of marketing at He added, “We want to make sure that broadcasters can bring their viewers into the broadcast, wherever they are and however they want to interact with social media.”
The addition of Instagram provides broadcasters with the ability to use crowd-sourced photos, and according to, that can increase “viewer engagement and the power of social TV.” The company says the integration is particularly applicable in news programming for up-to-the-minute I-reporting.
The added functionality of Instagram and IS “creates the potential for entirely new models of participation TV and even sponsorships,” says. By increasing viewer interaction also creates additional opportunities engage viewers in new ways, the firm says. also imagines potential for Instagram-driven programming, like a scavenger hunt model that requires participants to send in pictures.
The IS platform was designed by to encourage “true participation TV by enabling viewers to influence” and interact with live broadcasts and other viewers. With that platform, broadcasters are also able to “aggregate user-generated content into programming from social media” and “build synchronized companion apps,” the company says.