Netvision Mobile Unveils Solar Powered Surveillance Trailer

The eco-friendly design increases stand-alone time by 800 percent compared to previous generations.
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The latest generation of mobile video surveillance systems produced by Netvision Mobile—which specializes in mobile surveillance systems—is a “hybrid solar-battery surveillance trailer,” says the company.

In a written statement, Netvision Mobile, of Greenville, S.C. says its “Solar 2130” surveillance trailer has a more “green” and eco-friendly design that increases its stand-alone time by 800 percent compared to the previous generations. The Solar 2130’s dual solar panels can produce 250 watts of power, and has an on-board shock sensor that detects tampering, Netvision said.

The Solar 2130’s design is due to requests from the industry for a longer run time, said Jason Lefort, Netvision Mobile’s president. The surveillance trailer is an eco-friendly trailer that maintains the compact design of past trailers despite having dual solar panels that power the system, he said.

“The enhancements were made in run time by utilizing green technology,” said Russell Turner, Netvision Mobiles’ vice president of sales. The Solar 2130 “will open doors to a variety of applications for our customers. The use of renewable energy will give the product greater value in remote locations.”

All of Netvision's self-contained mobile surveillance trailers suspend up to four weatherproof Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) security cameras 30 feet above the ground providing a full 360-degree visual range, the statement says. Cameras can be customized to clients’ needs and have a variety of different options such as thermal imaging. The surveillance trailers can be rapidly transported to a location and set up in five minutes, and the system’s cameras can be viewed live anywhere the client has Internet access, according to the company.

The eco-friendly trailer has security features including an on board shock sensor to detect any tampering of the trailer and an optional online GPS tracking for easy locating.