NEP Broadcasting Outfits Production Trucks With Cobalt Digital Gear

Both trucks will be fully operational and on the road the beginning of 2012.
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NEP Broadcasting, an international provider of mobile tele-production services, has outfitted its latest launches with a full complement of Cobalt Digital gear to accomplish distribution, conversion and processing in and out of the trucks.

The heart of the two mobile units—the Denali Arizona and the ND5—are centered on Cobalt’s 9901-UDX 3G/HD/SD-SDI up/down/cross converters, according to Cobalt. That unit converts, frame syncs and color corrects incoming and outgoing feeds between formats, including up-converting to 1080p, the company says.

NEP also installed Cobalt’s 9257 MADI Distribution Amplifier to provide an efficient and easy way to transport audio between the trucks without the need for fiber, Cobalt says. Using MINI DIN or HD-BNC connectors, NEP can install 20 cards into a single 2RU frame, offering the capability to accept 20 inputs and 180 outputs, which is ideal for vehicles where space is limited. In addition, both trucks have numerous Cobalt 3G/HD/SD DAs, embedders and de-embedders, down converters, and color correctors.

“We are delighted to work with NEP again,” said Chris Shaw, Cobalt’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “NEP trusts our quality, reliability and support enough to return to Cobalt Digital repeatedly for both standard and customized equipment requirements.”

Both trucks will be fully operational and on the road the beginning of 2012, and the equipment was installed in a manner to accommodate future expansion.


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