NDI Gear Raises High School TV Production Capabilities

We may have to revise what we mean when we say something looks like a high school production.
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SAN ANTONIO—We may have to revise what we mean when we say something looks like a high school production. Penn-Tafford High School near Pittsburgh recently used NDI technology from NewTek for mock presidential election coverage, which allowed students to produce a broadcast with animated graphics, live feed switching and split screen capabilities.

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NDI, or Network Device Interface, technology enables video to be sent over a standard IP network. The students at Penn-Tafford used NDI to send video wirelessly across the school’s network to the studio’s NewTek TriCaster multi-camera video production system, which featured Advanced Edition software to incorporate audio and video sources from anywhere on a local IP network into its video productions. The NDI technology was put into place just three days prior to when the mock election was held.

With the NDI technology, Penn-Tafford was able to produce live footage from the school’s library and immediately send it back to the production room at the other end of the school. Coverage was conducted all day, with live updates of results and interviews.

The production students at Penn-Tafford are expected to continue using NDI technology for live reports not only at their school, but at other schools in the district that are available through the school district’s IP network.


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