NAB: ‘Q-Ball’ Now in Multicolor Designs

Some of the designs are "far from obvious."
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Camera Corps' discreet Q-Ball HD/SD remote camera will now blend in even more smoothly with sets and settings, as the company displays in a variety of colors and designs—including some “far from obvious”—at the 2009 NAB Show.

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"The Q-Ball makes HD multicam television production efficient, affordable and fun," said Camera Corps founder and Managing Director Laurie Frost. "That even extends to the surface finish which goes a long way beyond the standard choice for studio equipment.”

The complete Q-Ball head is smaller in diameter than a Compact Disc, but packs a full HD/SD dual-mode color camera, high-precision pan/tilt system, 10:1 zoom optics and infra-red night-vision capability, all under full remote control.

It’s also weatherproof, highly robust and very easy to install, and integral low-noise motors allow the camera to be repositioned smoothly between shots or while on-air. Pan and tilt can be operated at any speed from 4 seconds to as slow as 20 minutes per rotation cycle through an unlimited number of turns with no visible stepping. Four channels of embedded audio can be output from the camera interface.

It can be used upright or upside-down without need for any structural reassembly, allowing. It’s based on the HD MiniZoom, deployed by Camera Corps in large numbers during the Summer 2009 Games in Beijing.

The Q-Ball in its current form incorporates a 1/3-inch, 2-megapixel 16:9 CMOS sensor delivering 1080i/720p HD or 625/525 SD, both at 50 or 59.94 Hz and in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. The camera interface operates from 9-18 V DC power supply.

Camera Corps will be at Booth C7642.

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