NAB 2009: JMR Blazes Ahead With High-Speed, High-Volume Storage

JMR says the FibreStream has reached read speeds of nearly 1.35 GBps and write speeds up to 814 MBps.
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Folks needing massive storage with blinding playback speeds took note at NAB of FibreStream, a Fibre Channel RAID solution with playback speeds above 1.3 GBps.

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PeSAN storage array

Part of the company’s BlueStor line, it’s designed for applications with lots of rich media and the need for superior reliability—including security, archiving, data mining and other needs—all at a price JMR says is the best around, on a performance-per-dollar basis.

Standalone or with an existing Storage Area Network, the FibreStream RAID array contains 16 hot-swappable 3.5-inch disk drive canisters for 3Gbps SAS or SATA-2 disk drives. This creates a powerful and dense storage array, up to 32 TB using upcoming 2-Terabyte SATA-2 drives. It can expand beyond the 16-drive system by daisy-chaining to JMR’s BlueStor SAS JBOD expansion unit.

JMR says the FibreStream has reached read speeds of nearly 1.35 GBps and write speeds up to 814 MBps.

It integrates chassis and backplane design with ATTO Technology’s FastStream embedded Storage Controller technology, providing advanced protection and intelligence.

JMR also showed its solution for users wanting speed, reliability and sustained throughput in a Direct Attached Storage system, the PeSAN RAID system, used heavily in VOD and post applications, including 2K/4K Digital Intermediate (DI) processing. PeSAN-powered RAIDs can achieve speeds up to 4 GBps and expand to 4,000 Terabytes.

Also now available from JMR is the BlueStor EXTN-8 PCIe x8 extender storage system. The EXTN-8 allows PCI Express bus expansion from a host server, providing five PCEe expansion slots in an external rackmount with 16 hot-swappable SAS/SATA disk drive bays and an SAS expander. This full-bandwidth extension system enables hundreds of possible configurations.

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