Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Installs Surveillance Cameras in Playgrounds

Police say the cameras are ‘a useful crime fighting tool’
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Mount Vernon, N.Y., located just north of New York City, is installing surveillance cameras in 12 municipal playgrounds in order to reduce vandalism, rowdiness and other illegal acts in the playgrounds, according to officials.
“We’re putting in video surveillance cameras that will help us monitor activities in our playgrounds, especially after hours,” says Mayor Ernest Davis. “Complaints from residents and police response to people hanging out in the playgrounds, even after they were locked, helped us make this decision that will improve quality of life for people living near neighborhood playgrounds.”
In October 2012, the Mount Vernon City Council approved the purchase of the portable, solar-charged, motion activated security cameras, according to the municipal website. The individual units are equipped with motion sensors and the surveillance system will warn trespassers the playgrounds are closed, according to Davis.
In addition, the cameras provide high-resolution recorded images that can help law enforcement identify trespassers, vandals and others committing illegal activity in the playgrounds, the city says.
The surveillance cameras “will be a useful crime fighting tool,” says Deputy Police Commissioner Richard Burke. “We want everyone to know that our playgrounds have surveillance and it’s better to stay out of them after hours than risk getting charged for trespassing or some other crime,” he says.
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