More Municipalities Turning to IPTV to Provide Emergency Information

TikiLIVE among systems used by cities, towns
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Towns, cities and other governmental agencies are now using online Internet protocol television (IPTV) channels to keep their citizens informed about preparedness and management during natural disasters or other emergencies.

When Hurricane Isaac hit states on the Gulf of Mexico during August, coastal states such as Louisiana and Mississippi were provided updates by TikiLIVE, Eyepartner’s—a software development and hosting company—high-definition broadcasting service. TikiLIVE provides its users with tools for producing and managing live HD streaming content.

Among the municipal users of TikiLIVE is St. Tammany Parish, La. Before and during the hurricane, St. Tammany’s TikiLIVE page provided updates from such sites as the National Hurricane Center on three different screens as well as a scrolling text update.

“Providing updates quickly and efficiently during a time of emergency is critical,” said Tim Green, Eyepartner’s chief technology officer. “Residents can now easily access a wide variety of information at low cost and with little effort,” he said.

During times when there is not an emergency, cities and towns can broadcast community events, council meetings, their local television channel, or provide video on demand (VOD) content. Towns, cities, and government agencies can inexpensively broadcast the highest quality “LIVE” video or offer VOD in HD through their own branded channel, Eyepartner says. The user only needs a video camera, and no proprietary or expensive equipment is needed, according to Eyepartner.

In addition, TikiLIVE offers many broadcasting options, such as social media sites (including Twitter and Facebook), set top boxes (including Roku), WordPress, and mobile devices, Eyepartner says. Using the TikiLIVE platforms, organizations can get feedback, such as the number of views. Also, TikiLIVE allows users to converse and share ideas in a chat box. TikiLIVE offers users a variety of options for broadcasters to customize their own channel, as well as a “Channel Manager” and “Electronic Program Guide,” according to the company. Features available on TikiLIVE include:

  • Creating themed channels and publishing them to a network
    Tracking viewer habits and click-thru statistics from every channel
  • Producing and promoting events, pre, mid and post-roll overlays
  • Uploading, storing and managing networks of digital video inventory
  • Uploading, transcoding and delivering HD or standard-definition VOD