Mobile Studios, NewTek Equipment Outfit Production Van

‘Transit Mobile Studio’ provides a mobile platform for remote broadcast production
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Mobile Studios Inc., producer of the PortaCast flypacks for multi-cam video production has released a Ford Transit Connect van equipped with NewTeks’ TriCaster 855 and 3Play 425 replay systems.

The “Transit Mobile Studio” provides a platform for remote broadcast production of live events, says Richard Rubin, Mobile Studios’ president. “Our goal was to design a very economical and compact production vehicle capable of broadcasting multi-cam HD video at a very attractive price,” he says.

The TriCaster and 3Play are housed in Mobile Studios’ unique PortaCast console and can handle switching, replays, graphics, recording and streaming. “With space at a premium, we chose NewTek products because they deliver tremendous functionality and excellent production values,” Rubin says.

The PortaCast console is loaded/unloaded using two lightweight aluminum retractable ramps, which travel with the vehicle, Mobile Studios says. Users “can produce events in the van, or simply unload the console and roll it into a building for ultimate flexibility,” Rubin adds.

Crew seating includes a bench (that doubles as a case for cable reels) for a technical director and replay operator, or audio/graphics operator depending on production requirements, the company says. The producer/director and graphics/score board operator are seated in the front two seats equipped with a lap-top stand and auxiliary multi-view monitors. If required, there is space in the rear for a camera-shading position, and an additional 48 square feet is available via an optional tent that attaches to the back of the van, the firms say.

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