mobiDEOS’ ‘MobileCamViewer’ Provides Video to Multiple Devices

Enables government organizations to monitor multiple locations
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Video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. offers the MobileCamViewer, a common platform that delivers high-quality, remote video feeds to multiple end user devices such as smart phones and tablets, as well as to PC and Mac computers.

The MobileCamViewer is designed to help camera and recording manufacturers simplify and expand surveillance solutions for mid-sized to large enterprise and government customers, thereby providing users with a unified dashboard view that creates a “multi-screen” experience for monitoring video across fixed and mobile devices, mobiDEOS says.

The solution enables security hardware and software vendors, notably for Internet protocol (IP) cameras, network video recorders (NVRs) and digital video recorder(DVRs), to deliver a single point of integration between their components and consumer devices via mobiDEOS’ the MobileCamViewer cloud-based application.

That enables large enterprise businesses and government organizations to monitor multiple locations using smart phones and tablets, and PC and Mac computers, with only a single login stage required across connected devices, mobiDEOS says. In addition, MobileCamViewer also provides device management options in response to lost or stolen devices, a common occurrence, the company says.

“Security equipment manufacturers are increasingly faced with the challenge of how to provide unified Web and mobile access to their enterprise customers with a variety of DVR/NVR models, who have far more complex surveillance operations than consumers, boutique retailers and other small businesses,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, mobiDEOS Inc’s CEO. “This requires a solution that delivers much more than just video feeds to the employees using and monitoring the systems daily,” he says.

The MobileCamViewer enterprise solution delivers the video quality and multiple windows needed to thoroughly monitor remote locations and make quick decisions at security events while offering the business and system intelligence needed to understand the effectiveness of the solution across the network, mobiDEOS says. That includes centralized device management, network reporting, HTTPS content encryption and superior bandwidth management through “multiplexing,” which cleanly combines multiple feeds into a single, efficient video stream, the company says.

The intuitive setup process also enables enterprise organizations to add new cameras, recorders and end devices to the network, thereby ensuring that scalability is not hindered, mobiDEOS says. End users further benefit by the flexible feature set of MobileCamViewer beyond live streaming, notably pan/tilt/zoom camera control and “playback,” that enables users to access video from a server direct from their device and computer screens.