Military Announces Afghanistan Web Video Project

Two U.S Air Force Tech. Sgts. will travel the country, talk with Afghans and the soldiers and find out how the counter-insurgency is going.
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Here’s a great way for the public to understand what military forces are doing in Afghanistan—a new Web site today to support the public affairs project, "30 Days Through Afghanistan."

Through the site, U.S Air Force Tech. Sgts. Nathan Gallahan and Kenneth Raimondi will run around the country, talk with Afghans and the soldiers and find out how this counter insurgency is going.

“I wanted to get some questions answered, such as how the pending troop build up around the country will be affecting the everyday service members on the ground, and how Gen. McChrystal's counter-insurgency strategy has changed the playing field since it went into effect into July,” Gallahan said in a posting on the Website. “Now that our plan has been approved, with surprising enthusiasm, the weight of this is on our shoulders.”

The two are trying to visit every regional command in Afghanistan in 30 days. That’s tricky in Afghanistan, and they’ll rely on helicopters or maybe some fixed wing aircraft. From the main forward operating bases they’ll be taking convoys out to the areas they want to cover.

“While this mode of transportation is less affected by weather, the risks of improvised explosive devices and ambushes are far greater,” Gallahan wrote.

Viewers will get to see the tough life of the locals, the sacrifices of the service members, and gain all sorts of perspectives.

They’ll upload daily videos and soldiers and try to learn from reader feedback as well.

The third key team member is Senior Master Sgt. Jon Nicolussi, who will stay back and manage the travel and take care of the Web

“I have no delusions of grandeur,” Gallahan wrote. “There’s no way the three of us can cover every complexity and contributing factor to this counter insurgency. But what we do know is that we can talk about them and try to shed a little bit of light on them. I simply hope, over the next 30 days we’ll all be able to understand a little bit more about who Afghans are and why this war is so important to the international community.”

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