Metro Tag Readers Help Tame Crime in Parking Facilities

MTPD aid in coordination of transit police efforts with other agencies
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The Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD), the police agency for the Washington, D.C., regional transit agency, has fitted eight police cruisers with automatic license plate readers (ALPR), using the cameras to catch car thieves, identify stolen vehicles and identify vehicles associated with individuals wanted for crimes or on the national terror watchlist.

The readers also help with coordinating efforts among police agencies in the region. The ALPR systems were acquired as part of a Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments grant that provided the license plate reader systems to law enforcement agencies throughout the region.

The tag readers use cameras to capture license plate numbers, which are then processed through national and local databases.

Metro has parking for roughly 60,000 vehicles in its 50 parking lots at 42 Metrorail stations in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.


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