Memphis Zoo Deploys Digigram’s Audio Terminals

PYKO-in and PYKO-out system to broadcast music, emergency messages if needed
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The Memphis Zoo in Memphis, Tenn., is using the PYKO-in and PYKO-out Internet protocol audio terminals by Digigram—a firm that combines professional audiovisual products with Internet solutions—to broadcast background music to sites within the zoo.
Enabling distribution of digital audio over a shared IP network, Digigram's PYKO-in and PYKO-out audio devices offer professional solutions for a wide range of audio applications that includes paging, public information systems, commercial background music, broadcasting and webcasting, the company says.
A single PYKO-in system has been installed at the Memphis Zoo along with PKYO-out units at the front gate, the Expo building (home to the petting farm), the grizzly bear exhibit, the underwater sea lion exhibit and the “Zoo Lights” (Christmas) and “Zoo Boo” (Halloween) displays on the walking path near the zoo store, Digigram says. The PYKO systems provide themed music that enhances patrons’ experience at each of the zoo’s seasonal events and even provides an inviting audio preview for visitors approaching the front gate. The music at the zoo is to create a special ambiance surrounding events and exhibits at the 70-acre park, the facility says.
“We needed a straightforward way to play the same music at various locations throughout the zoo,” said Terry Buckler, network administrator at the Memphis Zoological Society. “Knowing the locations already equipped with amps and speakers for local use, I saw that the network was the only logical solution for bringing audio to each area,” he said. Digigram’s PYKO priority levels feature made it “the obvious choice,” he added.
PYKO IP-based network audio terminals enable the cost-effective design of fully managed audio distribution solutions, and those compact, modules can be gathered and arranged in various combinations, Digigram says. In addition to an array of audio streaming options, the PYKO units provide a three-stream priority structure that not only ensures automated fail-over in the event of problems, but also allows a higher-priority source, such as an emergency message, to cut in if necessary, the company adds.
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