Maxell: New USB Backup Exceeds Government Standards

Features 256-bit encryption and protection from water, sand and dropping and crushing forces.
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Maxell Corporation of America says its new Guardian USB Backup Drive—an “universal serial bus” (USB) flash drive with 256-bit “advanced encryption standard” (AES) hardware encryption—exceeds government standards for data protection.

The Guardian is an ultra-fast, high-performance backup solution, perfect for transferring important files for the professional photographer or videographer, says Maxell, which is headquartered in Woodland Park, N.J.

The Guardian’s 256-bit AES hardware encryption and anodized aluminum housing provides complete file security during storage and transport, the firm says in a written statement. The device’s durability will protect the device—and the data stored on it—from water, sand, dropping the device and even crushing forces, making it well suited for government applications, as well as for any professional who needs to store sensitive footage, the firm adds.

In addition, the mandatory 256-bit AES encryption provides a perfect solution when shooting sensitive material, including government or corporate footage that could be detrimental if lost or stolen. The Guardian’s interface requires a user to enter a complex password consisting of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols upon first use. Once the drive is locked, users have eight attempts to unlock the drive before the saved data is completely and securely erased. The drive also allows a user to include contact information in case it is lost.

Maintaining the form factor and affordability of slim USB stick drives, Maxell’s new Guardian USB Backup Drive expands the company’s offering in storage media. The Guardian USB has a read speed of up to 20MB/sec, due to its fast dual-channel NAND flash memory. Easily portable, the Guardian fits in a pocket or briefcase.


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