Matrox Monarch LCS Lecture Appliance Now Shipping

Web interface allows customization
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MONTREAL–Matrox Video has announced their new lecture capture appliance, the Monarch LCS, is now shipping through its network of resellers.

The Monarch LCS for classroom settings links video of an instructor, audio of spoken information and computer-generated content together. Its inputs accept video from any SDI or HDMI camera source and content from computers over HDMI, which are then combined and configured into a variety of presentation layouts like picture-in-picture and side-by-side.

The lecture capture appliance has a web interface where users can customize their presentation look or settings for purposes of live streams, recordings and camera mixing. For live streams, its encoders use either RTMP or RTSP protocols for delivery to local servers or cloud-based CDNs. For recording purposes, its encoders write MP4 or MOV files directly to network-mapped drives and to selected local USB drives or SD cards.

For more information on the Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance visit Matrox’s website.


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Matrox Heads to Class at Indiana University

Seeking a new system to handle lecture capture capabilities within its classrooms, Indiana University decided to pair its Kaltura video platform systems with the Matrox Monarch LCS H.264 encoder.