Matrox Monarch LCS Gets New Firmware

Device scheduling and store and forward functionality among new features
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MONTREAL—Matrox has introduced a new firmware update for its H.264 based Matrox Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance. Among the new features for the Monarch LCS are a new scheduler function and store and forward functionality.

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With its new scheduler abilities, Monarch LCS can be set to start automatically before an event without human intervention. Supported by the iCalendar standard, when a schedule is imported to the Monarch LCS, it will automatically start and stop streaming and recording events at times corresponding to a specific device; multiple devices can be identified by a single master calendar.

The Monarch also has an updated ability to record files locally to an SD card or attached USB drive, then transfer the data to network-mapped drives at a later time. Transfers can be triggered manually or preprogrammed to occur at a set time each day. The Monarch tracks successful file transfers and avoids retransferring unless specifically requested; failed or incomplete transfers are also tracked and logged.

Matrox is now offering the updated Monarch LCS firmware to registered users as a free download through the Matrox website.


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Matrox Heads to Class at Indiana University

Seeking a new system to handle lecture capture capabilities within its classrooms, Indiana University decided to pair its Kaltura video platform systems with the Matrox Monarch LCS H.264 encoder.