Matrox Heads to Class at Indiana University

Collaborates with Kaltura to provide lecture capture capabilities for classrooms
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MONTREAL—Seeking a new system to handle lecture capture capabilities within its classrooms, Indiana University decided to pair its Kaltura video platform systems with the Matrox Monarch LCS H.264 encoder.

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The dual-channel Monarch LCS comes with frame synchronization; provides interoperability since it is based on an open standard H.264 codec; and can deliver high-quality videos. There is also a seamless integration between Monarch LCS appliances and the Kaltura Lecture Capture software and video platform.

The integration allows for Monarch LCS’ scheduling feature to be utilized by the Kaltura platform, entering scheduled events through the Kaltura MediaSpace user interface before or during a semester. The events can be changed, added or removed at any time and will start or stop automatically as directed.

The lectures’ content are captured with the Monarch LCS in dual-isolated mode and then transfers the files over the network to Kaltura. Kaltura then transcodes the videos to different formats and resolutions, and automatically publishes them onto the university’s Canvas learning management system. The files can then be viewed on different devices by students.

Indiana University’s plan is to have this system available in all of its classrooms.